This unique design can simplify your office or any other ambient. The calm design and ceramic structure sets him apart from any other technological device.

The estetic form powers your smartphone and adds style in your life. Your phone will rest on a top quality design, powered by elegance.

A techological and estetic treat for your home. Swich is a ceramic and wooden smartphone or tablet stand, that enables Qi wireless charging to your device.

Extremely light and exeptionally slim, holds up to 12 cards, bills and receipts. A special high techt resin allows for permanent elasticy of your I - CLIP.

The surface is gentle to other materials in your pocket (as smart phones...) and thanks to the cover made of real leather, it has a great touch!

I CLIP - patented, designed and made in Germany!

Sneaker aficionados - this is wat you've been waiting for! The freshest thing in a tube since toothpaste.

Top notch quality & innovative designs - that's what Tubelaces are all about!

Camouflage, rasta, animal prints - you name it, we've got it!

All you need to do now, is lace up & roll out in style.

WALL DECOR cable protection is an innovative solution for everyday problems in your home. The cable protection is 50 cm long, 5 cm wide and min. 1,5 cm thick.

Its surface is covered in an estetic 3D pattern in 4 different colors - and saves you from ugly looking loose cables in seconds.

Although the standard offer covers only 4 colors (black, white, brown, silver) of the decorative wall bars are the possibilities of the color pallet almost unlimited.

It is possible to produce the decorative cable protection Wall Decor entirely according to the customers imagination.

The "iDonut" is a tablet holder for all tablets and smartphones consisting of polyurethane.

You are able to place your equipment in a vertical or horizontal position as you wish. Although home or at work, it is possible to use it almost everywhere.

It is easy to store, because of his size. Nevertheless it provides a safe hold.

For the first time in your life you will never be left without a pen.

Slim Pen was designed to be as thin as possible. At only 3,5 mm thick, your notebook cover closes with ease.

Slim Pen is easily removed or reattached to its docking tab affixed inside the front or back cover of your notebook or agenda.

Bobino's unique, flat profile and soft material enable you to easily wind and unwind your cables for use or storage.

Small Bobino helps you organize and shorten your iPod or cell phone earbuds. No more messy lumps of cord in your pockets or purse.

Medium Bobino organizes your cell phone charger cables and most of your chaotic USB computer cables around the home or office.

Large Bobino is ideal for longer or thicker USB cords such as laptop chargers, small extension cords for clocks, baby phones, cameras, lamps and other low voltage devices.

When difficult to take from the locked glove compartment while driving, without taking your eyes off the road - Nano Pad will keep all intact, rattling items sliding around - back and forth unpleasantly nerving you.

Nano-Pad is fully washable and re-useable. One drop of liquid soap on each side , wash softly and rinse well under warmish water - drip dry and it as new again.

INOTEC-Europe has taken advantage of the adhesive-technology and developed synthetic material further with innovative technology. Nano-Pad ® solves, as shown, all your needs and requirements.

This marvel of technology sucks itself as well as your gadget to your placement area (Dashboard), and will keep everything securely intact, even in severe driving manoeuvres.

Stoppy is a brilliant solution for keeping your doors and windows open. It is made of a high quality, weather resistant, durable rubber.

Fits all doors and window frames, into gaps between 1 and 9 cm. It's flexible and therefor doesn't damage your door and window frames, or your flooring.

Stoppy is designed for versatility and flexibility around the home and workplace. It can grip all types of flooring (carpet, tiles, parquet floor, floorboards, marble, PVC...).

Stoppy is available in the following colours: white, yellow, orange, red, mintgreen, pink, darkblue, light blue and clear.

We all share the same story. While our mobile phones are charging, they lay on the floor, kitchen counter or somewhere that is not handy. All of that is solved with DriinnTM.

DriinnTM is a handy, easy to use product for anyone with a mobile phone, an Mp3 player or a PDA device.

DriinnTM is made of a special mixof plastic and rubber. This combination gives the holder strength and grip. DriinnTM is made in Italy!